AWTaglib is a JSP TagLibrary that helps java developers use Active Widgets grid and adds new features to this component.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL).

Main Features

  • Main Features
    • Easily create an Active Widgets Grid with just a few keystrokes
    • Export the grid data to PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML and XML
    • Support for Internationalization
    • Integration with Struts Framework
    • Integration with Spring Framework


  • 06/07/2005: Big updates!
    • I have decided to update the library version from pre-alpha0.2 to a 0.3 stable. Right now it works wonderful
    • A new kind of object, denominated AWGrid, was designed to assist in parsing the properties in java
    • Lots of bugs fixed in the javascript side:
      • Checkbox component now works as espected
      • Fixed some random errors that appeared when you clicked the templates
      • Added a "valuecolumn" field to the listElement, so you can choose which value you can use to update the grid
      • Added a new "hiddenfields" value to the comboElement, so you can hide the code to be submitted
      • Created a DataGrid object, to have a better control with the modified, added & deleted elements and to provide integration with the AWGrid java object
    • Created a new Sample application explaining the new features
    • All classes have comments!!! Have to fix them though, my english wasn't very good ;)
    • Integration with the Commons Validator Framework is in progress

  • 17/06/2005 : Pre-alpha0.2 is out!
    • First let me welcome our new team member: Aakash
    • After some heavy modifications pre-alpha0.2 is out, here are some of the features:
      • Separated the core application from the sample application
      • The js, css and png are inside the jar, so they are now loaded from the classpath
      • Created new tag to import the required libraries
      • The tld file is inside the jar, so you don't have to configure it in web.xml to use it
      • New checkbox tag to generate checkbox field!
      • Added new js function to automatically add the grid fields as hidden fields to a form

  • 10/06/2005

    • I would like to welcome the following persons to our development team:
      • Francisco Espinosa Martinez
      • Daniel Wood
      • Miguel Angel
      • Shobha Raj

      This sub-project will be under Miguel Angel supervision
    • Heavy Site Update
      • New Architecture link with a brief explanation of AWTaglib insides
      • New Todo report
      • New project plan page
      • New link to the php / perl submodule (Still under construction)
      • Modification to the thanks page
    • Subversion account stabilized
  • 06/06/2005 : Pre-Alpha0.1 is out!

    • Heavy updates on the site
    • First Pre-alpha of awtaglib released!
    • First demo of awtaglib released!
    • More updates planned
  • 02/06/2005 : First shot!

  • Site is on!
    • This is a test of the site, it will be heavily updated in the next few days
    • A small non functional example is up, it is just a preview