This application demonstrates AWTaglib basic features.
To build a grid, the following guidelines are recommended:

Usage (Grid JSP):

Usage (Master JSP):

To generate the grid used in this page we use the following tag:

< awtaglib:gridFrame page= "/grid/grid.html" name= "frame" / >

This tag also exposes the following javascript functions that you can use in your main jsp page:

In the jsp containing the grid we use the following tags:

< awtaglib:gridIterator id= "index" name= "gridCollection" report= "true" dynamic= "true" styleClass= "grid" action= "/report" >
< awtaglib:gridElement name= "index" property= "name" title= "" type= "editable" / >
< awtaglib:comboGridElement name= "index" property= "age" title= "title.age" options= "comboCollection" labelProperty= "name" labelValue= "value" / >
< awtaglib:listGridElement name= "index" property= "address" title= "title.address" collection= "listCollection" valuecolumn= "1" / >
< awtaglib:gridElement name= "index" property= "birthDate" title= "title.birthdate" type= "date" / >
< awtaglib:CheckBoxGridElement name= "index" property= "single" title= "title.single" trueValue= "single" falseValue= "married" / >
< / awtaglib:gridIterator >

Don't forget to add the taglib directive at the top of your grid's jsp!

<%@taglib uri="" prefix="awtaglib"%>

Also remember to add the library tag at the header of your grid's jsp! & css code!

< awtaglib:gridLibrary />